Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sorry, sorry, so SORRY!

Well, I went to the auction last night & had a ton of fun (too much fun??), but I didn't end up video Patrick auctioneering after all.  Sorry about that!  His next auction is on St. Patrick's day, and I promise-homise-nomise (when we were kids, my sister Kim & I use to say that when our promises were REALLY sincere!) that I'll video him then & post it on the blog.

I sat in the front row with my friend, Jan, and I was starting to get nervous that we were going to get kicked out for having so much fun!  As always, I didn't hesitate to buy my share of the auction.  Most of the stuff we buy now goes directly on the shelves in our new barn, ready to take to an upcoming show, so I don't get a chance to bring it in for pictures. 

Of course a few cherished pieces come inside with me, so that I can love them for a little while before packing them up for a show.  It is hard not to "fall in love" with pieces though...this happens quite often, and then they naturally become part of the family.   I'll have to blog on that some day...antiques that we bought to sell, but fell in love with....

One of my favoite things that I bought at the auction was a whole box full of Victorian milk glass pieces.  Here's a picture of a few of the pieces.  This stuff makes me weak in the knees!  REALLY!  When I saw this box at the auction, I nearly passed out then & there.  Oh my.  I love this stuff.  It is sooooo OLD & sooooo PRETTY - goes GREAT with the shabby chic look.  Sad to say, I will have to resist falling in love with it, as I plan on taking it all down to Marburger.  Boo hoo.  I must be strong, I must be strong.

Another great buy was this lot of French children postcards from the early 1900's.  They are so cute!  I've been collecting these for quite some time (I think I have close to a hunderd), and will be taking them down to Marburger as well.  ADORABLE!

That's all for today.  Happy birthday to our good friend, TOT!  LOVE YOU!
Good bye & God bless you all!  Karen


  1. You found some wonderful things there. That Victorian milk glass is absolutely beautiful and those little French post cards are just dear~ xo Diana

  2. You scored some great treasures there!

    Guess you guys are getting snow!

    Thanks for the BD Wish! I had a great day!