Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Hi all!  This is my very 1st blog ever.  My husband, Patrick has always been much more computer savvy than I, so he's always been the one to blog in the past about our upcoming antique shows, etc.  I've always been afraid to try, but he showed me how a couple of minutes ago, and I couldn't believe how easy it was!  Now I can say that I "blog"!  I'm so proud!

I'm adding a picture of us, so you can meet us.  This was taken at an antique show in Madison-Bouckville, NY close to 4 years ago, so our daughter Bonnie is much taller, and just as cute as can be with her new braces.   I look older, not as skinny (but I'm working on it!), and the highlights are gone (replaced with a really bad haircut - that I'm desperately trying to grow out before we head to Texas in just a few weeks - grow baby grow!)   Pat always looks the same (good!).

For some reason we don't take a lot of family pictures...okay...I'll admit....I think it's because I don't like my picture taken.  Yes, I'm going on a limb here, but  I think that's why.  When I get good and bold I'll take & add a more recent photo of us (loosing 5 more pounds ought to do it!  and of course I'll have to wait until my hair grows out! - oh I can always come up with an excuse!)

Well, that's all for now.  I'm notorious for my good intentions gone bad, but I do hope I become an avid blogger.  By the way, my name is Karen Kenny...nice to meet you! 


  1. What a sweet thing to say about your husband...welcome to blogland, TOT sent me here, which is where I met that wonderful woman as well! Love your booth and all the great stuff, especially the frames, I'm addicted!

    Best wishes for Texas, some day I'll make it there, I'll have to find a chicken sitter first...LOL!


  2. Hello-Hello! I am your newest follower-coming over from TOT's blog to sign up. I was just like you when I started blogging...and like you I hate having my own picture taken. You are a beautiful family. Congrats on the CL connection. You did good! I'll be back...come find me when you get a chance- xo Diana

  3. Welcome and your gonna love blogging. Found you by way of TOT's blog. Looks like you folks have some very awesome things for sale.
    Good luck and have fun,

  4. welcome; )
    I found you though Time Worn Interiors ....nice reading your blog ; )


  5. Welcome to blogland! Found you thru TOT's blog!

  6. I told you it was easy! I'm so excited you are gonna blog more now!

    I hate to have my picture made! I always look like my face and double chin is a balloon!

    You can show us your new work shop and storage building!