Monday, February 27, 2012


Happy Monday!  I hope you all had a real nice weekend!  Both Pat and I were busy with projects for our upcoming shows at Marburger in Round Top TX, followed by the Country Living Fair in Austin.  We're really looking forward to both shows.  Can't wait to see all of our friends down there, and it would be so cool to meet some of you at those shows, too!

Well, I guess I left you in suspense long enough (hahahahahha!) are the other funeral baskets I promised to post. 

These first two baskets I'm going to be showing you are in our living room on either side of a window.  They're both quite large and I love, love, love them!  The first one here has a robin's nest in the center with 3 old glass chicken eggs inside.  I rescued these eggs from an old chicken coup that was getting torn down.  These milk glass eggs were used to encourage hens to lay their eggs in a specific spot, sort of a training egg.  It was so cool to find these under layers and layers of crates, nesting boxes & feed bags!  The 2 smaller nests on the briar branches are little wren nests, I think.  They are so sweet.  Patrick usually finds them for me out back in the dead of winter.  I love to put them in our Christmas tree when I'm decorating!

The basket on the right side of the window is square with a really tall handle.  It is actually woven with strips of celluloid.  Very cool. 

I got the large starfish at an esate sale just recently.  They were only a dollar each!  You never saw someone grab something so fast!  I don't know the name of the girl in the picture, but she looks so pretty in her hat and white ermine collar coat.  I love adopting ancestors like her and giving them a home.

It turns out that this next basket isn't a funeral basket at all!  My good friend Tot, told me that these shallow baskets (like the little pink one I blogged about the other day) are really Victorian fruit baskets - one that you'd get at the market with a variety of fruit from the orchards in them.  I love the chippy white patina on this little Victorian milk glass pieces & white coral look so cute displayed in it. 

Lastly, these baskets hanging up in my closet are my "spares", 'cause you never know when you might need more, right?!  Actually, I do use them at Christmas time.  I cram vintage  Christmas gift boxes in them with old paper mache santas, vintage iceskates, etc.  I'll be sure to post some pictures of them next Christmas for you.  It sure is hard to think of Christmas with spring on the way!

Well, that's all for now.  We're going to an auction tonight for a little fun-fun.  Actually, Bonnie & Patrick will be working at the auction.  Bonnie is one of the girls that holds up the stuff to be auctioned and Pat will be the auctioneer.  I'm going to try and video them in action, and will add  it to our blog either Tuesday or Wednesday.  You have a good day & God bless!  Karen


  1. Wow0- You really do have quite a collection! Love them all...wonder what treasures you will find at auction tonight? xo Diana ps. Not sure if you popped by my blog (yesterday's) to sign up for my BLOVELY giveaway....

  2. The baskets are beautiful, especially the one with the nests. May I ask what do you use as your brown filler, looks like you have shredded something? I like the color of it. Have a wonderful day!!

  3. Hi there...
    I'm over from TOT's...I love these vintage have them displayed so uniquely...but what I really love is your header...old frames are my weakness!

  4. I didn't know Pat was an auctioneer, I'd love to do that when I retire. The baskets are beautiful, TOT is so smart, she's helped me figure out some things too-like possum belly tables...I had no idea they were called possum belly, but what a great name. See you soon at brim!