Friday, May 4, 2012


Hi all!  Well, we're back home from our 2 shows in Texas.  Both were amazing!  I posted some pictures of Marburger earlier, and now before we head to Brimfield Mass, I'm going to add a few pics from our show at the Country Living Fair in Austin.  

We ended up getting 2 booth spaces.  This side of the booth has more neutrals...

...and on this side we had mostly primitives with American Flags.

We were able to hang tons of signs on the outer walls of our neutral booth.
I actually bought the dress form when we 1st arrived at the
Country Living Show.  Loved it!  The "School" sign is heavy
cast iron.  Very cool.  Sold fast!  Pat made the chalkboard
door.  Also sold fast!
Vintage luggage with some of my folded books.
Pat made this door with a metal panel for my magnets.

I love this display holds so many goodies!
I bought this dress form, too, from the same dealer.
It was just what I needed for my vintage flag pins.
Here's a close up pic of the flag side of our booth.
Another pic from the flag side.  We hung a cool metal awning above the
vintage signs.  It was the very last thing that we sold!
That's all for now.  We'll be leaving for Brimfield the day after tomorrow, so I better get busy!
When we get back, I'll post some pics for you.   Over and out!

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  1. Your booth looked awesome Karen! 2 booths, wow!

    Wishing you great luck in Brimfield! I'm so happy we are not going to be there, just sad about not getting to hang out with you guys!