Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Well, Bonnie & I made it back from Texas on Monday.  Pat is staying down there with friends until our next show at the Country Living Fair in Austin.  We miss him, but we had a fabulous show at Marburger Farms!  The weather couldn't have been better & the people that came were ready to shop!  Patrick & I had the opportunity to double our booth space for this show from a 12x20 booth to a 12x40 booth space.  We had so much fun decorating & we just had the best show ever as a result.  Here are a bunch of pics that I took of our booth space.  I'll be adding more tomorrow for you.

At the center of our booth was this wonderful gazebo made of repurposed materials by Pat.  He also made the stone-wheel plant stand under it.  See the little baby shoe garland I made hanging from it? 

This picture is our booth left of center.  The large round industrial table is another P.Kenny creation as well as the the coffee table to the left & the industrial metal stand to the right....I told you he was busy in his new barn all winter!

We got this Mother's Class canvas banner up in New York.  It was so cool...sold fast!

The medical cabinet sold pre-show, but the person that bought it let us keep it to display our cow skulls for a few days. 

Remember all of those vintage french postcards I told you I was collecting?  I ended up pinning them to an old dressform.  I sold the little dress form on the right, but just had to keep the big girl for future displays!

Another fabulous repurposed coffee table by Pat.  I decorated it with old painter's pallots I used as placemats with a gorgeous silverplate candelabrum in the center that our good friend & Marburger neighbor, Natasha Berry, polished for us.

Sold a ton of these vintage porcelain numbers!

Close-up of a couple of those industrial stands Pat made.

On top of the large round table we displayed these cool chains.  I just love old chains!

Jars of buttons, bakery shelf of sand dollars & vintage Indian clubs all sitting on a fish net.

I got this super cool telephone wall mount stand down in Georgia, it was the perfect size for a few old trophies. 

A young couple bought this chicken egg brooder stand.  They're starting to raise chickens, but decided to just use it as a side table in their house.  On top of the brooder is a wonderful old dome-top trunk with traces of old wallpaper still remaining on the outside. 

 To the right of the brooder table stand we had this 4 drawer wooden cabinet with great old blue paint & an old tin top....loved it!  One of the girls from the Marburger office bought it. 

Well, I'll be sure to add some more pics tomorrow for you.  Didn't want to drown you in pictures all at once!  See you then!


  1. As usual, everything looks amazing. I am looking forward to seeing you guys at Brimfield this May.

    I think it will be a great show.
    Bliss farm antiques

  2. OMGOSH- I have been looking for one of those old chicken brooders for years. Granddad AA had a chicken hatchery and he traveled all over the country selling those things. When he died and they finally cleaned out the warehouses (20 years ago) they pitched the ones that were left. I wanted to cry because I wanted one of them.

    It looks like you had an absolutely wonderful time. Blessings- xo Diana

  3. Girl your booth was amazing! I'm so glad you guys got more space and you had a great show! Yeah for all us!