Thursday, March 8, 2012

Getting Ready for TEXAS!

Hey y'all!  Even though we're from New York,  the "y'alls" are starting to fly out of my mouth now because we're getting so excited to head south for the Round Top show at Marburger!  Yahoo!  It's so much fun!  Pat's been so busy in the barn with projects, and I've been busy inside with a few of my own. 

 A couple weeks after our show at Marburger, we're setting up at the Country Living Fair in Austin.  I made these magnets for that show.  They were fun to do, but man they took a long time!  I made a total of 500 of them.

Yesterday it actually got close to 70 degrees up here, so I was able to take the magnets outside to varnish them.  Later in the afternoon, I brought them in so they could dry completely, and stuck them to anything that was metal.  My poor frig is just overloaded with them!

They're made out of some large wooden barrel stoppers that we got a long time ago.  I drilled out holes in the backs for the magnets, and used all kinds of fun vintage paper for the fronts, like maps from a late 1800's atlas, play money that Pat had when he was a kid, pages from an old french novel that I stenciled large letters on, bingo cards, and pictures from vintage magazines.

It was a lot of fun, but I'm so glad to have that project done!  Now time to start on a new one!

We're doing an antique show in Syracuse NY this weekend.  I'll be helping Pat & Bonnie set up, and then I'll be going home to get ready for Texas while they do the show.  I'll try to remember to take some pictures for you.

Later gator!


  1. wow - das ist eine tolle Idee und sieht sensationell aus !

  2. Holy Flipping Cow! 500 magnets! Woman, you are on a roll! I love them...and you are right- what a BIG job! xo Diana

  3. Bring some of those to Marburger! They are old and you did use old paper! I think they are great girl!